Virtuous Woman.

A virtuous woman, who can find

A woman with heart, sweet and kind

A woman who knows who she is

A woman you can always call sis

A who speaks the honest truth

A woman who wants the best for you

A woman who cares for the broken

A woman who is a real token

A woman who is humble, sleek and meek

A woman who works, week after week

A woman with a servant attitude

A woman who shows great gratitude

A woman with strength and noble character

A woman proud to be God’s daughter

Fruits of The Spirit.

There is so much power in words, God spoke the world into motion.Whatever you speak over your life will come to pass. 

If you speak negative things over your life, or feed your spirit negativity through degrading music, you will start to see the fruit of that seed. If you speak the word of God over your life, and surround yourself with people that build you up, you will begin to see the growth of healthy fruit. What goes in must come out, and whatever you feed your spirit will manifest itself.

Stop planting seeds that will bear bad fruit. To produce the fruits of the spirit, you must first plant the word of God into your spirit.


Be Still, and Know That I Am God.

Be still, and believe 

Be still, and receive 

Be still, and you will see 

Be still, and cleave to Me


Be still, and be calm 

Be still, you’re in My palm 

Be still, cling to My arm 

Be still, and hear My alarm


Be still, and don’t stay proud 

Be still, and listen to Me sound 

Be still, don’t look around 

Be still, I’ll fix your crown


Be still, and open the door 

Be still, and sin no more 

Be still, I am your Lord 

Be still,

and know that I AM GOD.

Knock, Knock

Knock knock 

Who’s there ? 

The God who saves 

The God who saves who ?


The God who saves You 

The God who died for you 

The God who came down for you 

The God who shed blood for you 

The God who’s chasing you 

The God who writes poems about you 

The God that created you 

The God that knows you 

The God who loves you 

The God whom you must choose 

The God that knows your fears 

The God that sees your tears 

The God that answers prayers 

The God that’s been here years 

The God that knows when you’re scared 

The God that is always prepared 

The God that has many layers 

The God that gives you shivers 

The God who’s love flows like rivers 

The God who always delivers


Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.

Revelation 3:20



Hang in There.


I don’t feel anymore 

Don’t want to be here anymore 

Shall I jump, I’m unsure 

Feel sick, it’s been 4 months.


I’m tired of being in control 

I’m tired of the leading role 

I’m tired, it’s taking its toll 

I’m tired, wish I was a girl.


I’m tired of playing it cool 

I’m tired of all these rules 

I’m tired of being the big spoon 

I’m tired, just wanna hit snooze.


I’m tired of buying her gifts 

I’m tired all these shifts 

I’m sick of relationships 

So sick, I need a spliff


I feel like there’s no way out 

No energy, but I want to shout 

Feel lonely, I’ll just go out 

Drink till I pass out


I’m tired of expectations 

I’m tired of going through motions

I’m tired, I’m loosing focus 

I’m tired, I need some lotion


I’m tired of not having a dad 

I’m tired of feeling sad 

I’m tired of being mad 

I’m tired, can’t even laugh


I’m tired of all this sex 

I’m tired of sending texts 

I’m tired, need an outlet 

I’m tired, need space to vent


I’m tired of being strong 

I’m tired, where did I go wrong 

Feel like I don’t belong 

I’m tired, just wanna be hung


The Word Of God.

The word of God is like a drum, 

beat on it and it will sound.

Read it daily, 

read large amounts.

Eat it for breakfast, 

have second rounds.


Watch it turn your life around,

the word is good, 

shines like a crown.

Any day you feeling down,

go to the word, 

and don’t stay bound.


Anytime you feeling stressed, 

read it and you will be blessed. 

Hold it tight, 

close to your chest. 

No need to stay depressed.


The word is life, 

oh I can attest. 

It made me whole, 

and nothing less.


It can do the same for you, 

don’t matter it you’re black or blue. 

The word is deep, 

it’s solid and true.

It doesn’t change, 

it can’t me moved.


Everything in it, 

is written by God.

The Old and New Testament, 

the entire plot.


Don’t Let Your Mountain Move Your Faith. Let Your Faith Move Your Mountain.

Mountains are large, and block our vision.
The only way to see again, is to get on top of the mountain.

To accomplish the vision God has given you, you will have to climb a mountain. You will feel fatigued, burnt out, exhausted, drained, and defeated.
But the word of God is there to quench your thirst, feed you when hungry, and be a Rock for your resting place.

Don’t let obstacles, or fatigue prevent you from seeing your vision become a reality.
What God has placed down on the inside of you, you will see come to pass. But you must keep faith, and keep climbing.

He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move.Nothing will be impossible for you.”
Mathew 17:20 .

Truth Hurts?

Truth is truth,
whether you want to believe it or not.
Truth is truth,
whether it suits your needs or not.
Truth is truth,
whether you like the idea of it or not.
Truth is truth,
whether it makes you uncomfortable or not.

A ‘C’ grade is a ‘C’ grade,
regardless of how badly you want it to be a B.
God is Very real,
How can you not see.

A red chair is a red chair,
regardless of how badly you want it to be blue.
Grey is grey,
regardless of whether you like the hue.
But get a clue,
cos God is chasing after you.
Why would I post this stuff if it weren’t all true.
Truth is,
nobody wants to know truth.
People are so caught up in lies,
that they’re wasting their youth.

We live in a world that says anything you believe in is true.
But Last time I checked,


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