Don’t go chasing Waterfalls?

The word of God is like a waterfall, it shines and glistens in the sunlight.
When you receive the word, it’s like a gushing of water that washes over you. It will wash away all your pain, tears, and fears.

The word of God has transformative healing power. Let it pour into your deepest of wounds as you surrender to and get under it.

Stop staring at the waterfall, get under it and
align yourself with it.
Put your trust in the the word of God, and allow the Holy Spirit to wash over and move within you.

Dip your head under the stream of water,
receive God’s love and embrace God’s grace.


Selfless = Self less.

Trapped behind a screen,
that’s in you own hand.
Waste your days tapping,
then wonder why you’re sad.

A thousand things to say,
but a thousand followers to gain,
Get that good selfie,
push through the pain.

Snap yourself in public,
even though you look insane.
Blinded by your own reflection,
your own image runs through your veins.

Vain, is who you’ve become,
too self-absorbed to see.
Always thinking about yourself,
but lack self-esteem.

You’re surrounded by a sea of selfies,
but your own face you do not recognise.
For the image you put out in public,
is but merely a disguise.

You hide behind a facade,
and are resistant to face reality.
But sweetheart your vanity,
is leading to your own calamity.


Woman at the Well.

Come to the well of life,
come see your reflection as you gaze.
Take a sip of My love for you,
submerge yourself in its grace.

The well of life is deep,
there is no end to My healing power.
Come shower, in the well of life.
A shower that will last forever.

At the well, I await you.
It’s a well, that will make you well again.
Let the water rinse you clean,
as you make Me your best friend.

Everyone who drinks from the well of life,
Shall surely thirst no more.
Come close, and receive Me.
Dip your feet in Heaven’s shore.

Come to Me all ye children,
for I formed you all in your mother’s womb.
Take my yoke upon you and eat it,
For all death was left at the tomb.

Take My hand and never let go,
I’ll put you on the right track.
I AM the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE,
the only coat on your rack.

Don’t look back to the things of the world,
for they are like a tap.
It’s water constantly gets switched on and off,
but with ME, you will NEVER lack.

Even Flowers Have Thorns.

For a wound to be healed, blood vessels in the broken area start to open up, bringing nutrients and oxygen to the wound. Surrounding skin is stretched to cover the cut, forming a scab.

When you allow the Holy Spirit to wash over you, and when God begins to heal you, He’ll take you back to your place of hurt.
He’ll start to breathe life into your cuts, shedding light on your dark areas, by pulling and tugging on them. It’s not to hurt you, but to stretch your skin to cover your wounds.

To completely be healed of something, you need to first acknowledge where the ache is. Healing can feel like you’re being pulled in many directions, but God is simply reviving you, and breathing life into your deepest of wounds.
When you’ve completed your healing process, your wound is gone, but the scar is still visible.

When God heals you of your emotional wounds, you will no longer be in bondage to your hurt, but the memory will remain.
Your scar is a reminder of God’s perfect strength in your weakness.
The scar lets people know that you’re a survivor, and conquerer of your circumstances.

Don’t be ashamed of your wounds, because even flowers have thorns.


Smells like Love.

The word of God is like a quality bottle of perfume. You have to press down on it to get the fragrance out. The thing about quality perfume is that once you put it on, it lingers. Other people can smell it when you walk by. When you embrace and hug people, your fragrance stains them.

You have to actively press into God’s word, and wear it like perfume to start living it out.When you live out the word, people can sense the love of God within you, and it rubs off on everyone you meet.

As Christians we shouldn’t only be hearers of the word, but must also be doers.
For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

James 2:26



The God Head Three in One.

Jesus is like solid, He’s like ice. When on earth He was a tangible person that could be seen.
The Holy Spirit is like liquid, it’s like water. When you feel it when it rushes over you.
God is like gas. He’s like oxygen. Like steam you can’t see Him, but without Him you wouldn’t be able to breathe.

All three are God, like water, God has three different forms. When you accept Jesus Christ as Lord, the Holy Spirit flows within you. The water within you starts to heat up, it’s how you know that the presence of God is in the room.
This is why Jesus can walk on water, because HE IS WATER.
If you want to walk on water also, you have to stand firm on God’s spirit.

It’s no surprise that humans are made up of 60% water, it’s also no surprise that the world is made up of 70% water. From solid earth and liquid seas, to gas oxygen that’s an essential need.


Get Connected.

We are just like Mobile phone devices, we come in all different shapes and sizes, and differ in colour. Some of us are iPhones, some are Samsung’s.

But when you accept Jesus as Lord, you’re now connected to God’s internet.
You are now within His proximity. When in God’s proximity you now have bars and gain internet access. But a phone with no internet connection cannot function to its full capacity, there are several apps that cannot be used.

When you don’t know God, you’re not connect to His WiFi. You’re a phone with no internet connection. There are talents within you, you have yet to discover.

Come close to God’s router, and you’ll discover truth and your true identity in Christ Jesus.
For through Him we both have our access in one Spirit to the Father.

Ephesians 2:18

You reap what you sow.

If you faithfully throw out your seeds, expect to reap a harvest. Because you reap what you sow, and sow what you reap.
Keep on working on the Gifts God has given you, because you can only get better. And once your gift comes into fruition, replant it, and watch it increase some more.This is the premise of being fruitful and multiplying .

Really tear open your gift, and don’t try to save sellotape either.

Plant your seeds, because the harvest is coming. Spring is imminent, and those who have sown, will surely reap.

Some of you have planted seeds, and it looks like nothings happening. But those seeds are about to germinate.

Don’t hate the process, just continue to worship God.
Because without the process, there will be no fruit. And the more you worship Him, the more He reigns and sends Rain

Be Fruitful and Multiply.

Every ball you throw against a wall comes back to hit you in the face.
And the harder the throw, the bigger the bounce.

If you throw all your seeds into soil, one day the seeds will bear fruit.

Use every gift God has given you, the more you use it, the more return on investment you’ll get.
God is a God of multiplication. He’ll take your 5 loaves of bread, and 2 fish, and feed 5000. But He cannot multiply what you don’t bring forth. And your seeds won’t grow if you don’t water them.

As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater,

so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.
Isaiah 55:10-11

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