God’s love is:

God’s love is the drenching of syrup on a pancake.
It’s the richness of dark chocolate.
It’s the scooping up of ice-cream.
It’s the spreading of dye as it hits the surface of the water.
It’s the crisp warm feeling of clothes as it comes out the dryer.
It’s the overflowing of water in a bucket filled past the brim.
It’s as pure as a blanket of white snow, and as fresh as morning dew on the grass.
It’s the joy on a mother’s face, when her child experimental walks for the first time.
It’s the day you learn how to ride a bike;
it’s the firm grip on the handle bars,
its the wind hitting your face as you ride down a hill.
It’s coming back home from school, for the summer holidays,
it’s long summer nights with friends.
It’s reminiscing about memories from your
It’s every love song written in the whole of
It’s the first time you try on your prom dress.
It’s the first girl you fell in love with.
It’s the first time a guy holds your hand.
It’s the moment your parents Finally leave after dropping you off at uni.
It’s the first time you go travelling by yourself.
It’s the look on a husbands face, when his soon to be wife walks down the aisle,
the look in his eyes when he
unveils his bride.
It’s Every milestone you hit in life.

When you experience love like God’s love, you become like him. His love is so pure and so plentiful, his character begins to flow through you. You’re so fulfilled and content, that everything and everyone you touch, can taste the richness of his love. Every word you say, or every sentence you write is filled with goodness. His love is so good you start singing, his love is so good you start dancing, his love is so good you start painting, his love is so good you start writing.You don’t even know what love is until you know God, because God is love.
Everything else becomes tasteless, becomes flavourless, becomes colourless.

‘No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no heart has imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him’.


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