Sovereignty of God.


God is the breath in your lungs:
the beating of your heart,
spring in your step,
quench to your thirst,
nutrients to your body,
music to your ears,
melody in your laughter,
fire in your veins,
and the life in your eyes.
He’s the dancing of the wind:
the echo of the waves,
the colours of the sky,
the changing of the seasons,
the orchestrator of time and space, who spoke the world into motion.
He’s in every sunrise, every pretty beach, and every landscape you post on instagram. He’s THE definition of beauty.
He’s the still voice down on the inside of us that tells us to keep going:
to not give up,
to keep reaching,
to keep striving,
to push through the pain,
to push past the hurt,
to overcome,
and to conquer.

There is soo much more to life than working until you die, or getting drunk every Saturday night.
At what point do you realise that no good has come out of it, and that you’ve spent your most valuable resource, time, in things that don’t sustain you.

God is a God of love:
a God of peace,
a God of joy,
a God of hope,
a God of new life,
a God who protects,
a God who heals,
a God who restores,
and a God who provides.
He’s the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. Revelation 22:13EC44B192-6698-42E7-8ABC-4836980B2988

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