Rock in my soft place.

God is the:
Power in the pain
Present in the pressure
Hope in despair
Grace in the grief
Encouragement in the disaster
Fragrance in the spring
Strength in your weakness
Rock in your soft place
Beauty in your ashes
Moonlight in your dark sky,
and sunshine in your cloudy day.

He’s sunlight after rainfall
Rainbow after rain
Summer after winter
Morning after night
Joy after sadness
Laughter after tears
Reaping after sewing
Confidence after calamity
Transformation after isolation
Success after failure,
and wealth after poverty.

He’s the Rod in the Red Sea
Victory in the battle
Split in the veil
Lion in the lamb
Deliverance after captivity
Life after death,

Because of him you can SLAP depression in the face; KICK rejection in the head, stand STRONG when you feel weak, keep RUNNING when you feel faint, TRUST him in the turmoil, and FLY when people crush your wings.

Though he slay me, yet shall I trust in him
Job: 13:15


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