Drowning in darkness, hurting from Fatherlessness

So many people are fatherless, or have fathers that they see less-and-less. Too busy to comfort. Either they were never there and absent, or there but never present.
You lay in bed, longing for someone to just hold you. All night, you spend weeping. Why aren’t I sleeping. You Toss, and turn using bed sheets as protection. Rejection, has you twisting in turmoil; Screaming in silence, drowning in darkness.
Abandonment is your resting place, it’s pillows have your name on it, your tears spill onto them like a knocked-over glass of champagne

Your soul is restless, but the feeling doesn’t have to be endless.
If only you knew how much you were blessed.
And that God holds you so close to his chest.
That you are his most prized possession.
He sees your hurting, and he hears your groaning. He feels your aching, and hears your breaking.
God loves you as much as the world keeps turning, and fires keep burning, and rivers keep flowing, and stars keep glowing.
It’s a love so deep, it penetrates Every cut and Every wound in your heart and soul.

He patiently awaits the day you come home,
prepared is a feast laid out for your return.
All of heaven is rooting for you, if only you knew how much God cares about you.
That God sent his only son to die for you;
that because of his grace, there will Be a day where there is No more pain, and No more suffering.
And No I’m not bluffing,
it’ll be the day when heaven touches earth.

Your scars may be deep, but God’s love is deeper

For my father and my mother have forsaken me, but the Lord will take me in.
Psalm 27:10
For the Lord will not forsake his people; he will not abandon his heritage.
Psalm 94:18

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