The Lord shall reign forever.

Gods eyes swell, like a swollen rain cloud .
His head droops, for He is not proud.
Heavy is His heart,
teary are the skies.
Heavy are the clouds,
watery are His eyes.
His eyes sting with pain,
as clouds fill with rain.
He cries hailstones,
as your heart towards Him remains cold.
His clouds burst, as He pours out His hurt.
When will you Thirst,
for His Reign.
An ocean is God’s love for you,
immerse yourself in His grace.
Pour out your whole heart,
seek out His whole face.
Let the water drench your soul,
let the water quench your thirst.
Let the Holy Spirit Reign,
let it free you from your shame.
Let the Holy Spirit fall on you,
let it open your eyes so you can see.
The sea that is God’s love for us, it’s name is called Mer-cy.
Let it pour into you like a flood,
as heaven opens from above.
Let it flow like river,
let it ripple and quiver.
Take off your rain coat,
and get out of the boat.
Run and get your wellies,
cos God is so good, so swell-He’s
Everything and then some.
Step outside and sing.
Let your walls fall down,
let the Rain, Reign.

“The LORD shall reign forever and ever.”
Exodus 15:18


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