You reap what you sow.

If you faithfully throw out your seeds, expect to reap a harvest. Because you reap what you sow, and sow what you reap.
Keep on working on the Gifts God has given you, because you can only get better. And once your gift comes into fruition, replant it, and watch it increase some more.This is the premise of being fruitful and multiplying .

Really tear open your gift, and don’t try to save sellotape either.

Plant your seeds, because the harvest is coming. Spring is imminent, and those who have sown, will surely reap.

Some of you have planted seeds, and it looks like nothings happening. But those seeds are about to germinate.

Don’t hate the process, just continue to worship God.
Because without the process, there will be no fruit. And the more you worship Him, the more He reigns and sends Rain

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