Selfless = Self less.

Trapped behind a screen,
that’s in you own hand.
Waste your days tapping,
then wonder why you’re sad.

A thousand things to say,
but a thousand followers to gain,
Get that good selfie,
push through the pain.

Snap yourself in public,
even though you look insane.
Blinded by your own reflection,
your own image runs through your veins.

Vain, is who you’ve become,
too self-absorbed to see.
Always thinking about yourself,
but lack self-esteem.

You’re surrounded by a sea of selfies,
but your own face you do not recognise.
For the image you put out in public,
is but merely a disguise.

You hide behind a facade,
and are resistant to face reality.
But sweetheart your vanity,
is leading to your own calamity.


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