Hang in There.


I don’t feel anymore 

Don’t want to be here anymore 

Shall I jump, I’m unsure 

Feel sick, it’s been 4 months.


I’m tired of being in control 

I’m tired of the leading role 

I’m tired, it’s taking its toll 

I’m tired, wish I was a girl.


I’m tired of playing it cool 

I’m tired of all these rules 

I’m tired of being the big spoon 

I’m tired, just wanna hit snooze.


I’m tired of buying her gifts 

I’m tired all these shifts 

I’m sick of relationships 

So sick, I need a spliff


I feel like there’s no way out 

No energy, but I want to shout 

Feel lonely, I’ll just go out 

Drink till I pass out


I’m tired of expectations 

I’m tired of going through motions

I’m tired, I’m loosing focus 

I’m tired, I need some lotion


I’m tired of not having a dad 

I’m tired of feeling sad 

I’m tired of being mad 

I’m tired, can’t even laugh


I’m tired of all this sex 

I’m tired of sending texts 

I’m tired, need an outlet 

I’m tired, need space to vent


I’m tired of being strong 

I’m tired, where did I go wrong 

Feel like I don’t belong 

I’m tired, just wanna be hung


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