Seek and you will find.

Seek and you will find, 

Knock and the door will be opened. 

Ask and it will be given to you, 

Repent and you’ll be forgiven. 


Speak and I will listen,

Submit and I will lead. 

Lean not on your own understanding, 

For I will provide your every need. 



Silent Seasons.

If God wasn’t hidden, 

you would never seek. 

If God wasn’t far, 

you would never reach. 


If God didn’t delay, 

you would never wait. 

If you saw the answer, 

you would never have faith. 


If God didn’t knock you, 

you would never lean. 

If you were never in darkness, 

you would never gleam. 


If there was never trouble, 

you would never shout. 

You wouldn’t appreciate rainy seasons,

if there were never droughts. 




I bow at Your feet.


I bow at Your feet, 

I’m down on my knees. 

Lord rescue my soul, 

and set me free. 

You paid the price, 

You died for me. 

You hung out on a cross, 

on Calvary. 


You conquered the grave, 

proclaiming victory. 

You rose from the dead, 


You saved us all, 

the whole of humanity. 

Power of three, 

You are the Trinity.  


Lord of Lords, 

the great divinity. 

Prince of peace,

You are holy. 

King of kings, 

You are worthy. 

Fill me up Lord, 

pour Your spirit over me. 


Thank you for the blood.


Thank you for the blood 

Thank you for Your love 

Thank you for Your touch 

Lord reign from heaven above 

Lord bring my walls down 

Lord pour Your spirit out 

Lord wrap Yourself around 

Let heaven touch the ground 

Lord break my barriers down 

Lord let me hear You sound 



Come like a flood.


Come like a flood, 

Lord reign from above. 

Roar like thunder, 

and send out Your love.


Lord fill me up, 

Lord refill my cup. 

Restore my soul, 

and drive darkness out. 


Send out Your grace, 

let me feel Your embrace. 

Let me feel Your touch, 

Lord let me see Your face. 


Flow like a river, 

blow like the wind. 

Burn like a fire, 

Lord breathe within. 





Here I am.


Here I am, 

Lion and the Lamb. 

I bow before Your throne, 

I submit to Your plan. 


Take hold of my hand, 

make me a part of Your brand. 

Wash away my sins, 

like waves wash over sand. 


Here my song, 

Lord hear my psalm. 

Fill me up with peace, 

and Hold me in Your palm. 


Drench me in Your grace, 

and sound Your alarm. 

Carry me in the deep, 

and Keep me in Your arms. 



God is with us.

God is with you in the fire, 

He’s with you in the rain. 

He’s with you through the drought, 

He’s with you through the pain.


He’s with you through the famine, 

He’s with you through the flood. 

God is with you when He’s speaking,

He’s with you when He’s not.


He’s with you through the sunshine, 

He’s with you through the storm. 

Keep glorifying His name, 

and watch the Heavens roar.


He’s with you through the valley, 

He’s with you on the mountain. 

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst, 

their Blessings flow like a fountain.


He’s with you in the pit, 

He’s with you in the palace. 

Praise Him through a victory, 

praise Him through a challenge.


God is with you in the highs, 

He’s with you in the lows. 

He comforts in the twists, 

He holds you in the turns.


Praise Him when you’re up, 

Praise Him when you’re down. 

Cos there was a time you were lost, 

but now you are found.


Rejoice in the sunshine, 

Rejoice in the rainfall. 

Praise Him through your triumphs, 

Praise Him through your downfall.


He’s God in the air, 

He’s God on the ground. 

He’s God underwater, 

He’s God all around.



In the palm of God’s hand.

In the the palm of God’s hand 

God moulds me like clay 

In the palm of God’s hands 

My sins are washed away


In the palm of God’s hand 

I have strength 

In the palm of God’s hand 

There are no regrets


I’m the palm of God’s hand 

I have peace 

In the palm of God’s hand

there is release


In the palm of God’s hand 

I am free 

In the palm of God’s hand 

There is victory


In the palm of God’s hand 

Is when I am glad 

In the palm of God’s hand 

There is a plan



Blood is thicker than water.

The only colour God sees, is the colour red. Red that’s in your veins and giving you breath.

Red as in peppers 

Red as in berries 

Red as in tomatoes 

Red as in cherries


Red as in fire 

Red as in flames 

Red as in stoplights removing your shame


Red as in the heart 

Red as in blood 

Red as in passion 

Red as in the cross



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