Theory of Everything.

Psychology is the search for answers, yet is unable to come to a conclusion

It is based on many people’s theories causing a lot of confusion

‘You need medicine to be cured’ 

it is a great delusion 

If that were true, why such low remissions ? 

For a theory to be considered true

it needs high predictive validity 

Yet the Bible is rejected when it fulfills multiple prophecies 

For a theory to be deemed valid 

it needs high inter rater reliability 

Yet the Bible is rejected when it’s written by people born in different centuries 

For a theory to be reliable it needs high consistency 

Yet the Bible is rejected even though it hasn’t changed throughout history

Power of the Mind.

There is so much power in the mind 

In the mind you will surely find 

The mind is the body’s control centre 

The mind is where seeds enter 

There are lots of things we don’t know about the mind 

Space, matter, perception, and time 

It is the mind that keeps the whole world blind 

It is the mind that will enable God’s truth to shine 

Is seeing actually believing ? 

Or is believing actually seeing 

Is the saying deceiving ? 

And does it need reviewing

Penny for your thoughts.

If you were to see a painting, 

you’d assume there was a painter. 

If you saw a building, 

you’d know there was a builder. 

If you saw a product, 

you’d assume there was a producer. 

If you saw a piece of pottery, 

you’d know there was a potter. 

If you read a piece of writing, 

you’d know there was a writer. 

If you saw a design, 

you’d know there was a designer. 

If you saw a piece of woodwork, 

you’d know there was a carpenter. 

If you you saw an illustration,

you’d know there was an illustrator. 

If you saw a sculpture,

you’d know there was a sculptor.

So why is it that creation doesn’t have a Creator ?

Diamonds are made under Pressure.

To be lifted up 

you must first be pushed down 

To be delivered 

you need to be lost and then found 

To experience joy 

you must first be sad 

To experience peace 

you need something to make you mad 

To gain endurance 

you must first be persecuted 

You have to be crucified in order to be resurrected

For a diamond to be made 

it must be buried and heated 

Don’t despise pain, 

you may be struck down, but you’re not defeated

There may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning.

You can’t experience healing 

if you’ve never been sick 

You can’t get muscles 

if you don’t even lift 

You can’t enjoy the morning 

if you never have night 

You can’t be courageous 

until you have some frights 

You can’t appreciate summer 

unless you’ve had a cold winter 

You can’t enjoy dinner 

until you experience hunger 

A plant cannot grow 

unless it’s been planted down in soil 

Peace wouldn’t be peaceful 

if you’ve never had turmoil 

You can’t make olive oil 

until the olive is crushed 

You can’t make wine 

until grapes start to rot 

You can’t make cheese 

unless milk begins to froth 

A holiday wouldn’t be a holiday 

if you always had days off 

God is faithful 

even through your dark days 

For without the darkness 

He wouldn’t be able to make a way




Lord you love me.

Lord you’ve healed me 

Lord you didn’t give up on me 

Lord you put faith in me 

Lord you’ve changed me 

Lord you baptised me 

Lord you carried me 

Lord you lifted me 

Lord you encouraged me 

Lord you surrounded me 

Lord you held me 

Lord you love me .

God is faithful.

God will run through a desert to meet you 

God will climb a mountain to rescue you

God will dive deep to save you 

God will break walls to change you 

God will open doors to bless you 

God will send rain to fill you 

God will part the Red Sea to deliver you 

God will multiply five loaves to feed you 

God will die on a cross to be close to you 

God will lift you up, cos He chose you

The Power of Prayer.

There’s nothing like the power of prayer

It’s the way in which you cast your fears 

Anytime you’re feeling scared 

Call on God, He’s always there


Pray for comfort 

Pray for peace 

Lean on God, He’ll never leave


Pray when in trouble 

Pray for strength 

God doesn’t care about the length


Any day you’re feeling weak 

Pray to the Lord, your soul He keeps 

He’ll come get you in the deep 

No matter the hour, day, or week


Lord please stay by my side.

Lord make a way 

Lord renew my faith 

Lord reveal Your face 

Lord take away my shame 

Lord let Your glory shine 

Lord You have bled and died 

Lord You have paid the price 

Lord You have healed my mind 

Lord You have given me life 

Lord You comfort, day and night 

Lord let me soar and fly 

Lord hold my head up high 

Lord I am your design 

Lord please stay by my side

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